@We offer you a complete through service, coordinating with a shipper, arranging a proper vessel, advising the consignee of the cargo's arrival
date, documents, customs clearance & trucking.
Our Ocean Freight service can be divided into several ways:

@ We specialize in the movement of Less than Containerload (LCL) and Full
Containerload (FCL) cargo from Taiwan to Australia ,New Zealand , South Africa
and Pacific Islands.We contract with virtually every major steamship line on behalf
of our customers to provide the best selection of services and competitive rates in
every trade lane.We can also offer break bulk service for consignments that are
too large, or not suitable for container transport.
@ Weekly Sailing to Australia,Sydney ,Melbourne ,Brisbane ,Adelaide and Fremantle
@ Weekly Sailing to New Zeland, Auckland, Wellington,Lyttelton, & Pacific Islands
@ Weekly Sailing to South Africa, Durban ,Johannesburg , Cape Town &
@ Port Elizabeth
2. LCL/LCL & LCL/FCL Consolidation service to Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/
@ Adelaide/Frementle
3. LCL/LCL & LCL/FCL Consolidation servcie to Durban/Johannesburg/
@ Cape Town/Port Elizabeth
4. LCL/LCL & LCL/FCL consolidation Service to Auckland /Lyttelton/Wellington/
@ Pacific Islands
5 Door to Door service
Contact: Ms. Jenny Tseng TEL: 886 2 25376661 ext 240~242
for rate inquiry & more shipping information.
1.Weekly LCL/LCL Consolidation from :
@ Felixstowe, to Keelung, Taichung & Kaohsiung via K Line & Hanjin
@ Hamburg to Keelung, Taichung & Kaohsiung via Yang Ming Line
@ Barcelona to Keelung, Taichung & Kaohsiung via EverGreen/LT
@ Gotenburg to Keelung, Taichung & Kaohsiung via Mosk Line
2.FCL/FCL daily from world wide origins to Keelung, Taichung & Kaohsiung
3.Door to Door service
@ We handle cargo from door pick up by truck upto consignee's door with
@ duty paid/duty unpaid (as per trade term) to met client's need.
@ Service available upon request.
5.Project Cargo Handling
@ We handle cargo of all kinds, heavy, odd-sized or dangerous, we know how to
@ move things out and deliver on time and intact.
Contact: Ms. Eva Wong & Sue Tsai TEL: 886 2 25376661 ext 220~221
for rate inquiry & more shipping information.